Watch out for Pay My Vacation!!

It’s pretty clear that this is no legitimate trading system, the Pay My Vacation scam has been out there under the radar but today, we’ve 24option finally got to it! Even though you are convinced that this is the best trading solution out there, Patrol has solid reasons and details on why this is a SCAM! Jack James, apparently the owner and spokesperson of guarantees handsome results to anyone who invests their hard-earned money into this! Many new discoveries has been made that prove this will only lower your trading balance until there’s nothing left, that is why urges visitors to read our Pay My Vacation review to know everything about it.

Now, when first arriving on the site, we were instantly slapped with a smell of pure failure. Be the judge yourself, does this trading software really appear to you as a system that makes 18,000 dollars a day? Of course not, the site itself is full of shutter stock images that you can grab for free and quite sadly, the overall theme of the site is very cheaply made. From our experience in reviewing systems and apps, no more than 70 dollars Plus500 were invested in the overall production. This is even hilarious at some points due to the fact that Jack James didn’t even bother to shows us his face live, who on earth would be ashamed of representing a service that changes hundreds of ordinary lives into better ones! Nobody… unless you’re scamming people!

As Mr. Jack James continued to mumble non sense throughout the entire sales video, Patrol was hoping for some sort of rational explanation on how they were going to produce such amazing trading signals, there must be a superb method that would make us thousands of bucks a day because quite frankly, this doesn’t exist in today’s market. From what we understood, you are not required to have any knowledge in trading or binary options whatsoever, this is extremely unprofessional of them since it’s pretty much recommended to know the basic principles of binary options, this will of course make sense since you’re investing your money aqui into this. But no, the only type of information we received from this garbage was fake testimonials, poorly demonstrated trading results and idiotic lies! Most crucial detail that really warned us that this is just complete trash was the owner himself, there’s no track record or knowledge of Jack James ever been a trader, for all we know, this could be a scam artist that went by a different name, since no trusted or establish channel is aware of such individual, it just proves that he’s not recognized but rather a fictitious character to make the sells page more convincing.

Not to mention that no one actually trusts this system, no endorsed reviews can be found in any transparent and well-known site. The ones that do promote this are the spammy ones that guarantee that everything that is launched out there functions 100% accurately and we all know that’s not the case. Let’s discuss the trading methods a bit more since that’s what really matters in an auto trader, when re-watching the Pay My Vacation scam video for the third time, we were astonished at how zero clues were given on how they generate profitable trading signals, the average viewer might not see this since he or she has been attack with countless of manipulative sales tactics, but in the end… we still have no idea on how this “once in a lifetime opportunity” truly works. This is typical from common money-making schemes since their main objective is to wash opçoes binarias our money away, they focus on dirty lies to make us drool over their software by saying things like “Imagine how your life is going to change”, “Give your family what they deserve” and things like that don’t have anything to do with the process of increasing our capitals.

Side note for those who are not aware with these deceptive tactics, notice how at the start of the Pay My Vacation video they show a couple of very exposed ladies and close-ups to their cleavage as if this is a car commercial, this is incredibly IQ Option cliche of a fraudulent software and it shows that their main goal is to get you hooked on their hyped and bogus system. Since relying on those cheap screenshots for performance validation would be dangerous and illogical, more extensive research had to be done in order to find out if this truly worked, to our expected surprised, this averages 65% ITM on the best trading days which means that making 18,000 bucks a day with this fraud is complete fairy tales.

To be honest, there is seriously nothing worth recommending here. the whole idea or method they want to promote is very generic and unoriginal. If you search for the terms “binary options scams” on google, you will find yourself with hundreds of results showing identical money-making schemes. That is why we heavily recommend to avoid Jack James and his system at all cost!

Now, if you are truly searching for a safer alternative to trade binary options, a better choice would be CopyBuffet. This does have endorsed and well known developers working for their team, the algorithms are based etoro on solid trading methods that have shown to work for over many years and they don’t promise you unrealistic trading results like most scams do, you can visit them or contact them right now since they offer 24/7 customer support! Thank you for reading our Pay My Vacation Review!